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We have conducted applied research in the behavioral sciences for over 20 years. Since 2012, we have invested over $2M and published over 25 studies on remote work, teams, and organizational change. Through this research and our work with clients, we have cracked the code of team performance. We built the Co-Elevating HIT methodology to elevate the 8 dimensions that are most predictive of team and organizational performance, and we achieve this elevation at speed.

Our Research Shows That


of leaders believe that their team is failing to fulfill it's potential


of teams state that they are not creating value through effective collaboration


of teams suffer performance breakdowns due to broken relationships within the team

Source: Ferrazzi Greenlight Research Institute. Average self-reported scores on a scale of 1 - 5, across all client High-Impact Team experiences from 2000 to 2019.

Unlock Transformational Growth
Through HIT

Great teams win in the marketplace. Teams that fail to fulfill their potential, and fail to realize their missions and visions, do so because they are impeded by hub-and-spoke systems of accountability, conflict avoidance, fractured relationships, and other behavioral blockers. Take our preliminary assessment to see what is holding your team back.

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How does Co-Elevating High-Impact Teams Work?

In the past, companies facilitated off-sites and offered individual coaching to solve performance problems. For far too long, companies overlooked the critical entity that drives performance: the team. Ferrazzi Greenlight pioneered team coaching and the use of the staff meeting as the inoculation point for change. We have found that coaching teams over an extended period of time, and doing so in the context of the staff meeting, offers unparalleled returns and outcomes that far exceed those that can be achieved through onetime events or coaching focused on individuals.

Our HIT methodology maximizes your team's ability to deliver desired business outcomes and accelerate growth by improving performance across the 8 dimensions that are most predictive of team performance: Candor, Collaboration, Accountability, Development, Relationships, Energy, Teaming Out, and Outcomes. During the first session, we begin by awakening your team to its untapped potential and fostering a collective commitment to crossing the finish line together. We then guide the team as it fundamentally recontracts the way it functions and adopts a common mission and vision that acts as its North Star.

Throughout the 6 sessions program, we help your team take the critical next step of converting awareness into action by creating behavioral change and installing a set of proprietary high-return practices that have been shown to spark exponential growth. Each of the 6 session functions like a scrimmage for a sports team. In a psychologically safe environment, your team members collaboratively engaging on your most pressing business problems and are given the opportunity to try out new behaviors and gain real-time feedback from the coach and their peers. We dissect behavioral blockers as they appear, purge bad habits, and practice new behaviors until they are engrained in the fabric of your team and your organization's culture.

Co-Elevating High-Impact Teams Create Unprecedented Value For An Organization


increase in sales team productivity


reduction in costs through increased organizational efficiency and collaboration


Net Promoter increase in confidence of impacting business results through elevated credibility, trust, and process understanding

Outperform 9 out of 9 financial indicators, including customer retention


reduction in the new product design and delivery time

By the end of our partnership, we guarantee that your team will develop supportive relationships, emerge with a shared sense of ownership over the team's and the organization's outcomes, and generate heightened tangible value from their interdependencies. Further, they will be equipped with a set of high-return practices that stimulate a broader cultural change that will impact every meeting they participate in.

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Team Transformation Sessions

If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your team's journey towards transformative growth, you can start with our 3-hour Team Transformation Session. Team Transformation Sessions are a condensed experience that is rooted in our comprehensive Co-Elevation® HIT methodology. We apply the same fundamental philosophy to a shorter intervention as we awaken your team, inspire growth, introduce new practices, and coach behavioral change. All of this is accomplished during a facilitated collaborative dialogue that moves your team forward by confronting your most pressing business challenges in a psychologically safe environment.

eLearning Courses

We have also developed a series of eLearning courses and video masterclasses which provide further instruction on the mindsets and practices that are foundational so Co-Elevation® and Radical Adaptability. These courses can be leveraged to further support your team's development or to help you deliver the HIT methodology at scale throughout your organization.

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What Our Clients Say

“Our work with Ferrazzi Greenlight radically accelerated our growth, which enabled us to address key tenets of our strategy, shape our team and our future.”

Peter Diamondis

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The FG team helped us adopt a sense of mutual accountability and a greater focus on peer-to-peer support networks, all in service of individual, team, and corporate growth.

Lisa Buckinham, Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer

Lincoln Financial Group
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Keith has a clear methodology based on both experience and science and brings it together in an engaging manner where the team feels the needed change and puts the model immediately into action.

Mike Clementi

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I have always felt the need for a McKinsey-like approach to strategy and a Ferrazzi Greenlight behavioral change approach to ensure our people can execute on whatever strategy is at hand.

Devin Wenig, President & CEO

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Our work with Ferrazzi Greenlight during the early stages of our executive team’s development radically accelerated our ability to have candid conversations, which enabled us to efficiently and more effectively address key tenets of our strategy.”

John Reid-Dodick, Former Chief People Officer

Thomson Reuters
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