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We live in a high-speed world that demands constant transformational innovation, speed and agility.

We live in a world with unprecedented levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. To succeed in this environment, teams must stay agile and rapidly deliver transformation and innovation at speed.

Today, teams are failing to meet this standard. 80% * of leaders feel that their team is failing to fulfill its potential, and 70% * of change initiatives fail as a result. Businesses and teams are lost, and they need a path towards reinvention.

At Ferrazzi Greenlight, we have mapped that path and developed a set of methodologies that we use to guide teams and organizations through transformational change. These methodologies unlock the untapped potential that exists within your team or organization. They will enable you to continuously improve, adapt to alternative ways of working, and achieve your audacious goals.

Our Methodology

We believe that developing co-elevating teams – moving from overload to shared load – is critical to delivering transformative outcomes.

Through over 20 years of applied research on the human capital side of growth, The Greenlight Research Institute has cracked the code of team performance. We call this approach Co-Elevation®.

Co-Elevation® is the new operating system for today’s world of work. It is a set of competencies which allow you to achieve meaningful change through collaborative problem solving with a guiding ethos of “going higher together”. By coupling, Co-Elevation® with Radical Adaptability, which is the capacity for agile execution and flexibility in the face changing markets, teams and organizations can capitalize on unexpected opportunities for transformative growth and bulletproof themselves against unacknowledged risks.

Co-Elevation® and Radical Adaptability
Are at the Core of Our Services:

You can transform how your organization collaborates, gains alignment, and executes. Any team in your organization can lead this transformation, and we will show you how.

High-Impact Teams (HIT)

We believe that teams are the key to capturing growth and creating positive change. Unfortunately, 80% * of teams today are failing, and organizations are paying the price. We designed our Co-Elevating High-Impact Teams program to help teams at every level of the organization, from the C-Suite to the front lines, to capitalize on their interdependencies and deliver unprecedented value by accelerating accretive business outcomes.

Through the HIT Process, your team will:

  • Capitalize on Unexpected Opportunities for Growth
  • Demonstrate Radical Adaptability and Agility in the Face of Changing Market Conditions
  • Shift from Hub-and-Spoke to Peer-to-Peer Accountability
  • Collaborate to Innovate and Create Breakthrough Solutions
  • Develop the Relational Foundation for Candor and Accountability
  • Coach One Another and Improve Both Hard Skills and Competencies

Accelerated Change Experience (ACE)

When less than 30% * of change initiatives are successful, it's time to shake up your company's status quo & try a new, more relational, approach. It is only through people moving beyond reactive co-existence toward a commitment to co-elevate in service of the company mission and each other that business results will be achieved. Accelerated Change Experience (ACE) is our unique methodology to co-create and rapidly deliver change at scale that is sustainable, along with the accretive business results it brings.

Our facilitators and coaches are experienced and adept at delivering all of our services in-person, virtually, or in a blended format. We will design and deliver the most effective solution based on your unique needs.

Some of the clients we've worked with

What Our Clients Say

“What started as an exercise around content evolved with FG’s support into 24 distinct touch points around an elevated conversation, which also elevated our brand and sales conversations.”

Chris Hummel


“Ferrazzi Greenlight’s High-Impact Teams methodology has transformed the way we interact at Dun & Bradstreet. It has been applied to great success within the executive ranks, and we are now cascading it throughout the entire organization.”

Josh Peirez - President and COO


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