We unleash unexpected growth & Radical Adaptability by maximizing team performance.

We believe that developing a Co-Elevating team – moving from overload to shared load – is critical

Welcome to the new operating system for today’s world.

Through the 20+ years of research on organizational re-invention by our Greenlight Research Institute, we have developed a unique approach named Co-Elevation®.  Co-Elevation® is a word that didn’t exist in our vocabulary today. We had to create it out of necessity for a new world and a new work order. The power of Co-Elevation® breaks down silos, transforms teams, and reinvents collaboration.

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Did you know that 80% * of leaders believe that their team is failing to fulfill its full potential, and 70% * of change initiatives are unsuccessful?

*Source: Greenlight Research Institute

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At Ferrazzi Greenlight, we believe that Co-Elevation® is the key to maximizing your team's potential & transforming the world of work. Co-Elevation® is a critical competency at a time when almost all meaningful change will be achieved through teamwork across traditional silos and isles. Let us help you achieve outstanding results.


Transform the way your people work together and build teams, departments, and an organization that can uncover new growth opportunities, respond and adapt to rapidly changing markets, and win big.

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Our speakers create customized keynotes that spark behavioral change by challenging your audience and inspiring them to cascade new behaviors for months and years to come.

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Thought Leadership

The Greenlight Research Institute has been at the forefront of the future of work in a transforming world. We have distilled over 20 years of applied research into a coaching methodology and a set of high return practices that deliver measurable value for our clients.

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Some of the clients we've worked with

What Our Clients Say

“Ferrazzi Greenlight’s High-Impact Teams methodology has transformed the way we interact at Dun & Bradstreet. It has been applied to great success within the executive ranks, and we are now cascading it throughout the entire organization.”

Josh Peirez - President and COO

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“What started as an exercise around content evolved with FG’s support into 24 distinct touch points around an elevated conversation, which also elevated our brand and sales conversations.”

Chris Hummel

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“At a time when our sales reps were not yet engaging at the C-Suite, FG created a national series of dinners engaging in a … rich thought leadership around the future of learning and development, which put us face-to-face and mind-to-mind with the most important CHROs in the country.”

Rob Wrube

University of Phoenix
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For us, it is all about the impact these sessions have over time.   The major benefit is the collaboration and trust that the team has.   They are often heard saying, ‘how can we make this better together’ Keith has a clear methodology based on both experience and science and brings it together in an engaging manner where the team feels the needed change and puts the model immediately into action.   Strong recommendation for all teams.

Mike Clementi

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